Brooklyn writers’ ‘#Newsfail’ comments on mainstream media’s news delivery

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October 9, 2014 Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Brooklyn-based journalist Allison Kilkenny is a known for her coverage of Occupy Wall Street.
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Allison Kilkenny is a pioneering progressive journalist, and one of the first reporters to cover Occupy Wall Street. Jamie Kilstein is a stand-up comedian whose most recent comedy album went straight to #1 on the Billboard comedy charts and on Amazon. Together, the Brooklyn-based duo has written “#Newsfail” — a book that the delivers the news like you’ve never gotten it before. The authors will appear for a book launch party at DUMBO’s powerHouse Arena on Oct. 14.

If you’ve ever listened to Kilkenny and Kilstein on their 100% listener-supported radio show, “Citizen Radio,” you already know that they dedicated to offering a smart, reliable alternative to mainstream media, maintaining a sense of humor throughout their politically engaged commentary.

Referencing issues ranging from feminism to gun control, climate change to class war and foreign policy to net neutrality, “#Newsfail” reveals to readers how the mainstream media has gotten it wrong. As the authors put it in their introduction to the book, “This book will highlight some of the media’s biggest #newsfail — from underreporting the biggest story of our time, climate change — to leading the country into occupations of multiple Muslim countries…to failing to inform the public about the wasteful War on Drugs and expanding police state, and how the left shouldn’t hope for progressive messiahs like Jon Stewart to save them.”

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The Oct. 14 event will begin at 7 p.m. The powerHouse Arena is located at 37 Main St. in DUMBO.


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