Etiquette Boss: Shirt savvy

October 7, 2014 Phillipa Morrish
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Q: I have heard that a striped shirt should not be matched with a striped tie. What is your opinion?

A:  A striped tie can be worn with a striped shirt as long as the stripes are significantly different in width. Therefore, if you have narrow stripes in the shirt, use a tie with very wide stripes.

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Q:  Are there certain colors that are used more than others by successful men?

A:  Traditionally, leaders and other men in powerful positions favored ties that had red or gold as primary background colors. Purple has joined the list as a new favorite.

Q:  I like to show my individuality by mixing patterns, are there any general guidelines?

A:  A tie with dots can be matched quite well with a checkered shirt. A flowered tie can also make a statement if the general rule is observed: one of the tie’s colors should pick up the base color in the shirt.

Q:  I have some ties that are wider than others, are there any guidelines for wearing them?

A:  Yes. A wide tie goes best with a spread collar shirt. Men with larger necks wear this combination well. A regular width tie goes well with a pointed collar. Men with average neck size wear this combination well. A button down collar is worn best without a tie, top button open for a casual yet elegant look.

BEAUTY TIPS:   Make Your Voice Younger

The lung capacity of an average senior citizen is about half of what that person had at 20. The muscles of the larynx lose some of its elasticity, and combined with dentures, and less tension in the tongue and lips, the sound that emerges is less vibrant.

To get our voice back in shape, we should deliberately try to use it more. Sing at home, sing in the shower, as singing is called “gymnastics for the voice.” Drink more water for lubrication of the vocal chords.

A simple way to improve your voice is to improve your posture. Stand straight and say the sound “EEEEEEE” as you slowly lower your head toward your chest. Note how your voice changes as your shoulder slumps.

Saying your vowels while making exaggerated lip movements also helps to exercise the voice. All actors and singers do voice exercises because they are effective.

Phillipa Morrish is the President of Etiquette Training International.

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