Bushwick artist creates works inspired by Boko Haram-kidnapped girls

September 26, 2014 Rick Buttacavoli
Image courtesy of Mary Mihelic
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Bushwick artist Mary Mihelic is in the process of creating 53 artworks inspired by the courage of the 53 girls who escaped the Boko Haram by running for their lives during an attack at their school. CNN reported Thursday that Nigeria’s Defense Ministry said Nigerian forces battling the Islamist terror group Boko Haram have killed a man suspected of acting as the group’s leader.

The term “boko haram” means “education is a sin,” and the group believes that women should not be educated.

Some of Mihelic’s 53 artworks incorporate text art and are setup as a book, symbolizing western education.  Others include imagery of the terrorists, churches burning, schoolgirls hiding in the landscape and running shoe tread marks. 

Shown here is a piece that alludes to the fact that The Red Cross is now working to negotiate the release of the girls. The text art “serpents” reminds us that two of the girls have died from snake bites. 

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The piece is 60 inches x 44 inches on paper. 

Mihelic’s artwork can be seen at www.marymihelicartist.com.  She holds an MFA from Parsons in New York City. 

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