Etiquette Boss: Laws of nature govern protocol

September 16, 2014 Phillipa Morrish
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   NATURE AND SOCIAL PROTOCOL: Teenagers are often quite surprised to discover that many social rules are grounded in nature’s laws, and not randomly made up by adults to complicate their lives.

For example, the protocol of introducing the younger person to the older (calling the name of the older first), or in business, the lower status to the higher: (CEO Tully, this is receptionist Jones, who will be screening your calls) is rooted in the law of gravity. The smaller body always gravitates to the larger; hence the apple falls to the earth, and not the reverse.

At a social function, the proper protocol is to bring a friend to the parent or grandparent for an introduction, and not the reverse. The law can also be observed in a group dynamic: the stronger personality attracts the weaker, and is therefore dubbed the leader (or ringleader).

A red shirt or business suit is not recommended for a job interview for the same reason hospital rooms are not painted red. Red is the color of nature’s stimulant to the senses, the color of blood, the color of road signs that warn of danger, the color of STOP. In certain countries, red clothing is forbidden in court. Applicants want to come across as competent during an interview instead of aggressive.

The colors of authority (strength) are black or navy, hence they are the colors chosen most for law enforcement and business attire. Our president was assailed recently for wearing a brown suit on an occasion where some felt he should have been wearing black or blue,  the highest color symbols of authority.

Most times, teens rebel when they do not understand the reason for certain rules. Help them to realize that Mother Nature is our first and best teacher.

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Phillipa Morrish is the president of Etiquette Training International.

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