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Memories of 9/11: A Memorial Garden dedication

September 11, 2014 Brooklyn Eagle
Col. Michael F. King, at a garden dedication ceremony, said, “Those who died on 9/11 are our brothers. We honor their lives and sacrifice with this garden.”
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Attorney Michael King shared his personal memories of 9/11 recently with the Brooklyn Eagle. His remarks were part of a Memorial Garden dedication in Brooklyn. Each year since serving in Vietnam, King participates in Brooklyn’s Memorial Day Parade, the oldest extant Memorial Day celebration in the U.S. While practicing law, he also serves as a Colonel in the New York Guard.


We are gathered here today to dedicate a garden to our heroes.  The people to whom this garden is dedicated didn’t want to be heroes, they just wanted to do their jobs and go home to their families.

The men and women in the four airplanes, at the Pentagon and at the World Trade Center, were not soldiers at war when they died in the attack on America on September 11, 2001.  The firemen, police and others who rushed into the World Trade Center that day didn’t want to be heroes – they just wanted to do their duty – which was to help people – like us – and then go home to their families.

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They never did go home that day.

That is why we are here today to honor them – those who died for us.

Our religions have special books that help us understand God and the mystery of life.  The Bible, the Torah, The Koran – and although it is said differently, each of these religious books has a prayer that helps us understand the sacrifice of heroes.  Greater love hath no man than he layeth down his life for his brother.

Those who died on 9/11 are our brothers. 

We honor their lives and sacrifice with this garden. 

–Col. Michael F. King

7th Civil Affairs Regiment

New York Guard


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