Former Sampson consultant guilty of fraud

September 11, 2014 Heather Chin
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Melvin Lowe, 53, was found guilty on September 10 of conspiracy, wire fraud, multiple counts of “subscribing to false tax returns” and failing to file tax returns, and one count of causing a bank employee to make a false report of a federally insured bank. Lowe is a former consultant to Brooklyn State Senator John Sampson – who just won the Democratic Party nomination for re-election this November.

Lowe and Sampson allegedly conspired to defraud the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee of $100,000. Lowe could face up to 82 years in prison and $1.25 million in fines when sentenced later this year.

Sampson is due to face charges of his own on unrelated charges of corruption, including alleged embezzlement and perjury about his ownership of a liquor store that reportedly benefitted from his connections.

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