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As primary wraps up, Zephyr Teachout says Cuomo ‘singing her tune’

Sikora says he boosted Teachout, despite WFP’s endorsement of Cuomo

September 10, 2014 By Mary Frost Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Zephyr Teachout at P.S. 29 in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn on Primary Day.
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At a late afternoon appearance at P.S. 29 in Cobble Hill, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s feisty challenger Zephyr Teachout told reporters that regardless of the outcome of Tuesday’s primary, her campaign made the governor rethink some of his positions.

Cuomo has spent most of the campaign trying to ignore Fordham law professor Teachout, a progressive and expert in institutional corruption.

“We have already shown Cuomo that you need to talk about inequality, which he did yesterday,” Teachout said. “And he needs to promise to go visit hydrofracking in Pennsylvania, which he did today. And we have shown Cuomo that if he isn’t talking about funding schools he’s in trouble, and he’s talking about funding schools — on his lips. He’s also talking about the DREAM Act.”

“He’s basically running on the things he didn’t pass, but he’s running on them,” Teachout said. “He’s proclaiming in print the things that we want to happen in New York State.”

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She added, “I hope the voters know that if you want the DREAM Act, affordable housing, and campaign finance reform, Tim and I are the better bet. But I am happy that Andrew Cuomo is singing our tune.”

Her plans for Tuesday night included dinner with family and friends, she said. “My brother’s coming, his wife is expecting. My sister, mom and dad and good friends from out of town, we’re all going to have a dinner together. “

In memory of a close friend who died, she’s carrying around a little good luck charm, Teachout said. “I’m carrying around this little patch, a flower design she would love.”

Teachout met up with Pete Sikora outside the polling site. Sikora, a contender for the 52nd Assembly District (Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill, Park Slope), ran a hard-fought campaign against Jo Anne Simon and Doug Biviano for the seat being vacated by Joan Millman.

Sikora was endorsed by the Working Families Party, which famously snubbed Teachout when it endorsed Cuomo. Despite this, however, the two pols said they would work well together if elected.

“I’ve talked to hundreds of people in this district to vote for her, and it’s not a hard case to make,” Sikora said.

“Pete and I are opening a new front on breaking up big companies that have way too much power,” Teachout said. “We’re campaigning against the Comcast-Time Warner merger. You talk to people about their cable bills, that’s kitchen table politics.”

Sikora is an organizer for the Communication Workers of America, which has raised questions about the merger.

“The Public Service Commission should not be allowing the Time Warner Comcast merger without clear benefits for consumers throughout the state,” he said.

Sikora said he hasn’t considered whether or not he would run on the WFP line if he doesn’t win the Democratic primary. “I haven’t thought about that actually. We’ll see what happens tonight — but I’m cautiously optimistic,” he said.

At an earlier campaign stop in Cobble Hill, Teachout called out Cuomo for his sale of Long Island College Hospital to a developer, which she called a “classic case” of corruption.

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