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PHOTO: Wildlife Conservation Society find amazing humpback whale off NYC waters

August 28, 2014 From Wildlife Conservation Society
A humpback whale feeds off the NYC coast
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The Wildlife Conservation Society photographed a humpback whale feeding yesterday less than six miles from New York City. Waters off New York City and the greater New York Bight serve as a feeding ground, nursery, and migratory corridor for many species of marine life including whales, dolphins, sharks, fish, and sea birds. WCS’s New York Seascape program works to restore healthy populations of these species and protect New York marine waters, which are vital to wildlife and key to the area’s economic and cultural vitality.

According to Jon Forrest Dohlin, WCS Vice President and Director of the New York Aquarium, many of the iconic animals in these waters are in trouble and not all of them are adequately protected.

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