Star of Brooklyn: Robert Johnson

August 15, 2014 Editorial Staff
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COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: As a resident of East Flatbush for 42 years, he was the president of the Vanderveer Place Block Association for a few years and then stepped down to be the vice president. However, “Unofficially, I’m considered the mayor of the block,” Robert Johnson said.

Claiming it to be “a very, very successful” block association, Johnson does whatever he can to improve the safety of the block, physical appearance, and he also serves as a medium for residents to communicate to the politicians and state departments.

“If I may say [I am] the leader,” Johnson said. “I don’t do all the work, but I’m a good person who can delegate.”

In addition, his block has won four times in The Greenest Block of Brooklyn competition.

MOTIVATION: His desire to help the community and its people is what motivated him to join the Vanderveer Place Block Association. “I want to make it the best civic appearance as possible,” he said.

GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT: “Well for many years we probably say a newsletter which was very successful,” Johnson mentioned. “But, my greatest accomplishment on this block is bringing people together to live in unity.”

OBSTACLES: Although it’s not exactly an obstacle, his wish is to get the younger generation more involved in the association’s activities. “I do have about everyone on the block involved. Most of the work done is by the older residents of the block,” he added.

PROFESSIONAL LIFE: For 30 years, Johnson served as a teacher throughout the borough. He was a teacher at J.H.S 258, then an Assistant Principal at Prospect Heights High School. Afterwards, he served as the deputy director for the Board of High School sports for eight years.

He retired 1995, but began teaching as an adjunct professor a year later at York College. He also lectured at Medgar Evers College but left his job and continues to lecture at York about health, physical education and education.

Johnson obtained his Bachelor’s degree from North Carolina Central University and received his Master’s degree of Health and Physical Education at Hunter College and another Master’s degree from Baruch College in Educational Administration and Supervision.

PERSONAL LIFE: Johnson resides in East Flatbush with his wife.

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