New Bensonhurst Urgent Care Center opens

August 15, 2014 Editorial Staff
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The difficulty in finding accessible urgent care has become a growing concern for families and individuals, and especially for seniors.The ability to live at home and find the necessary care that is convenient and accessible is important.

With the recent closing of Long Island College Hospital, some options have been taken away.Yet, out of LICH comes Jacob Gerlitz, NP, a talented individual who gets it and cares deeply, and who is now Director of Urgent Care at QualityFirst, a new facility about to change the industry.

With the news of the opening of this healthcare group, located at 6010 Bay Parkway, nestled closely between Bensonhurst, Bay Ridge, Borough Park and Midwood, Brooklynites can take some solace in knowing their concerns have been met.

QualityFirst is an urgent care facility like no other around.It provides essential and emergency care in the six rooms it built for patients and families.Thanks to what is referred to as ER Fast Tracking, just walk in and get fast care with no appointment needed.

The facility features three procedure rooms, with one that is more private for sensitive exams; a hospital-grade lab which includes CT Scans and x-ray room and ultrasound; and has and offers IV therapy on premises.

“When we were planning QualityFirst, we took what we knew of current urgent care groups, harvested the best parts and threw the old book out,” Gerlitz said.

“Our team asked the questions that we know patients are apprehensive about, and we built QualityFirst using the key answers.What some see as trivial, we took to heart — ease of parking with valets so you can drive up and leave your car with no worries is so important in our area,” Gerlitz said.

For seniors, the one stop list of options can mean the difference between a short visit and a long day.The facility includes features such an integrated pharmacy so patients can get their medications filled immediately – or they will deliver it to a patient’s home.

“Walking in with no appointment is key; and direct communication back to a patient’s physician gives flexibility and consistency in care,” Gerlitz added.

Designed for routine and urgent care as needed, QualityFirst is further set apart through its relationships that allow for streamlined hospital admittance to nearby hospitals, its comprehensive reports to your own doctor, and in-home follow-up visits too.

Yet, the fast valet parking is probably the feature that would set it above other health and care groups.Just drive in and leave your keys; call five minutes ahead and your car will be waiting. That, as we now know, is after you stopped off in the on-site pharmacy to pick up your prescriptions and supplies.

With hours from 11 a.m. until 11 p.m., and ambulance service available, this new facility will serve nicely as a needed oasis and fill a void.

Living in New York City is already hard enough, but QualityFirst is equipped to handle much more than the typical urgent care center.For further information,call Quality First Urgent Care at 718-475-1700or stop by anytime at ourbrand new Medical Building located at 6010 Bay Parkway (corner of 60th Street).

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