Quick, Easy Ways to add Warmth to Your Home Décor for Fall

August 6, 2014 Editorial Staff
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(StatePoint) We all get bored from time to time and want to change things up. While it’s easy to add items to your wardrobe or try a new hairstyle, it may not always feel as easy to change the look and feel of your home.

You may not realize small, quick updates to your home can make a big impact — and changing things seasonally can keep things fresh. With that in mind, here are a few ways to give your home a fall makeover without a complete overhaul.

Swap out Art

Who says you have to keep the same things hanging on the walls all year round? By swapping out extra pieces of art and family photographs, you can give your walls a new look without much time or effort. Need inspiration? Think about using warm fall colors like reds and gold.

Add Some Warmth

You can add some warmth to any room with a few touches. Toss a woolen throw blanket over the couch or armchair in the den.

To quickly add some soft lighting and fragrance to your home, try a wax meltAdditionally, the brand offers a variety of more than 20 candle warmers that match every type of décor.

More information about how to warm up your home with fragrance can be found at www.YankeeCandle.com.

Spruce Up the Outdoors

Seasonal décor on the outside of your home can lend the exterior festive flair. Whether it’s an autumnal wreath on the front door or a planter of mums near the front porch, additions such as these will give your home’s entryway an inviting feel.

As the weather cools, make your home cozier by taking the time to add warmth, fragrance and seasonal touches to your home.

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