Beautifying Your Home’s Outdoor Spaces

July 30, 2014 Editorial Staff
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(StatePoint) In the warmer months, the importance of your yard and patio becomes top-of-mind as you spend more free time outside. While there’s no better place to read a book, meditate or simply kick back with some lemonade, you can only truly enjoy those activities if the space inspires tranquility and relaxation.

Here are some great ideas for some alfresco upgrades.

Grow a Garden

While the fruits of your labor can inspire relaxation, the act of gardening itself can be a stress relief.

Spend some time working in your yard and you will be rewarded with beautiful flowers and the tranquility of nature that come with it.


Art can inspire relaxation. Sculpture, in particular, is especially beneficial. Luckily, these days you don’t need to be a Rockefeller to afford high-quality artwork for your yard and lawn. New designers are creating affordable, but high quality options.

For example, Hypnartic Artwork creates visually serene, kinetic wind sculptures within reach for the today’s homeowner. Ray Iannetta, founder, was inspired by the great dynamic wonders of the world to create quality art.

Two of the more popular sculptures are the “Concord Swan,” which can also serve as a weather vane, and “Spinning Leaves,” which swivels 360 degrees and complements other landscape artwork. More information about lawn art and installation tips can be found at

Lawn Furniture

Ditch the traditional picnic table and install more luxurious alternatives to complement your new lawn art. From chaises and daybeds to bar stools and tables, you can basically extend your home’s living spaces outdoors with style, comfort and functionality. Add a fire pit to extend the daytime into outdoor evening activities.

If your yard doesn’t get enough use, consider the reasons why. Like any room in your home, some care and planning in the design can make the space more attractive, inviting and ultimately more livable.

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