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No Clowning Around: Green-Wood Staff Not Impressed

July 14, 2014 Matthew Taub Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Green-Wood Cemetery Staff
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Consider them unamused.

Green-Wood Cemetery staff are on the lookout for a performance artist dressed as a clown roaming their hallowed grounds. The activity is likely part of an misguided attempt at performance art or a publicity stunt, the staff claim.

“Probably some guy trying to make a name for himself,” said Louis Lebron of the firm’s security detail. Lebron didn’t believe the sightings at first, until he saw photographs taken by supposed “witnesses” (though these individuals, Lebron advised, may also be involved with the antics).

Chauffer Joe Buccinna surmised that more than one individual was involved.

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“They likely enter in normal dress,” Buccinna said, “but change into the clown costume once they’re inside. Another person being involved would explain the photos.”

Similar incidents have turned out to be publicity stunts in Staten Island and as far away as England.

Ascertaining the individuals involved is a difficult task: anyone can enter Green-Wood Cemetery, on foot or in a vehicle. Admission is free and searches are only made on a discretionary basis. While a record is kept of commercial vehicles and trucks entering the premises, the license plates of regular visitors are not.

Even with rumors and blog posts surfacing, some of staff members were still not fully aware of the activity.

“First I heard about it,” said Theresa LaBianca, Green-Wood’s archivist.

Rules posted at the entrance to Green-Wood Cemetery explicitly forbid activities such as jogging, biking, and eating. While there is no specific prohibition about wearing a clown costume, the directions admonish visitors to “be respectful of funeral services and those visiting loved ones.”

Unfortunately, such commons sense is not always followed.

“This guy’s not the first clown we had, technically,” Buccinna recalled. “I remember two idiots who jumped into the lake.”

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