Editorial: A wrong move

July 10, 2014 Editorial Staff
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We join the community in condemning a recent Court of Appeals decision that has led to freedom for a convicted cop killer – Pablo Costello, whose actions, 35 years ago, led to the death of 68th Precinct Police Officer David Guttenberg.

Costello was released from prison on Monday, July 7, over the objections of Guttenberg’s family and the community, after the court found that his parole had been wrongfully rescinded five years ago.

Costello now will walk the streets of the community, spend time with his family, enjoy a sunset or a walk in the park — all things his actions in December, 1979, sadly denied Officer Guttenberg, who was simply doing his duty, when he discovered a robbery in progress, and was murdered in cold blood by Costello’s accomplice as Costello, the look-out, allowed Guttenberg to enter the scene of the crime without warning him of what was occurring within.

That is simply wrong.


Congratulations to the NYPD for speedily capturing the suspect in a deadly hit-and-run Just hours after the deadly crash, cops had identified a Gravesend man, 26-year-old Robert DeCarlo, as their prime suspect, and had released a photo of him, as well as his name and address.

Just hours after that, presumably recognizing that he was running out of options, DeCarlo was reportedly on his way to the 62nd Precinct station house in Bath Beach to turn himself in when cops recognized him and arrested him.

That’s great work, and the police deserve our thanks.

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