Add S’more to Your Campfire this Summer

July 2, 2014 Editorial Staff
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(StatePoint) There is no hallmark of summer fun quite like a campfire — whether you’ve gathered some neighbors and friends in your own backyard or you’re on a backpacking adventure.

In fact, 99 percent of campers have a campfire and 91 percent of campers “roast” over their campfires, according to research from The MindClick Group. And now there are some great ways to give this age-old tradition some innovative twists.

Go Green

Take care of the nature that you’re enjoying. Remember to keep the honorable principle of “leave no trace” top of mind. Regularly clear your campfire and your campsite of debris and garbage. This is also a good practice to keep bears at bay. Separate your bottles and cans, as many parks have separate bins for recyclables.

You can also green your campfire by your choice of what you burn. Instead of traditional firewood, consider a cleaner-burning roasting log to reduce your impact on the air around you. For example, duraflame Campfire Roasting Logs are made from 100 percent renewable resources and burn 60 percent cleaner than firewood in a fire pit.

The logs are resource efficient. Just five pounds of Campfire Roasting Logs creates a fire equivalent to about 24 pounds of firewood. And because they are made with wood charcoal, recycled sawdust and renewable bio wax, no trees are cut down to produce them. They are also easy to transport for your camping trip, and stack and burn like wood for a robust fire that creates hot, glowing coals safe for roasting marshmallows, hot dogs or other campfire food.

Old Treats Made New

S’mores, a staple of campfire eats, are a delight for children and adults alike. But you don’t need to stick with the standard recipe at your next campfire. Get s’more out of the experience with these scrumptious suggestions from the experts at Duraflame:

• Everything But the Kitchen Sink: Graham crackers with peanut butter cups, white-chocolate covered pretzels and marshmallows sprinkled with crumbled chocolate wafers.

• Mint Medley: Chocolate wafer cookies with mint wafer chocolate and marshmallows.

• Strawberry Shortcake: Shortbread cookies with white chocolate and strawberry marshmallows or slices of fresh strawberry.

• Turtles: Add chopped pecans and caramel to a standard-style s’more.

More recipes and videos can be found at

Make a great campfire — full of delicious treats, good times and camaraderie — a centerpiece of your summer fun.


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