Natural Ways to Relieve Sore Muscles

June 28, 2014 Editorial Staff
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(StatePoint) Whether you played too hard over the weekend, worked at your computer so long that your shoulders are in knots, or woke up with a stiff neck, there are plenty of natural ways to seek relief from sore and stiff muscles.

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• Strike a pose: Yoga is good for the body, mind and soul. It can also be a great remedy for sore muscles and stiffness. For example, the next time you suffer from a tension headache, try holding a seated forward bend. For an achy lower back, a gentle stretch known as a “Bharadvaja’s Twist” may prove helpful.

• Homeopathic relief: Avoid medications that mask pain and instead consider a homeopathic medicine, such as Arnicare Gel• Take a break: While you may not be able to quit the task that is the source of your pain, you can take breaks for stretching, yoga and rest to avoid overuse.

The next time you’re feeling stiff, try yoga and other natural ways to relieve your ache.


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