Local goods to be certified “Brooklyn Made”

June 27, 2014 Heather Chin
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Brooklyn businesses can now apply to certify their products as “Brooklyn Made,” as designated through a new program launched by the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce. Relevant products could be anything from food and beverages to furniture.

According to Chamber President Carlo Scissura, the certification program—which grades according to “Brooklyn-ness” on a scale of gold to bronze—will help consumers weed out “authentic local craftsmanship” from imitators trying to cash in on Brooklyn’s global brand cachet, while also protecting local businesses from the same “pretenders.”

“Brooklyn is a growing brand that the whole world wants to get in on, from Dutch coffee shops, to Swedish vodka companies, to Midwestern parents choosing baby names,” Scissura explained.

Chamber Chairperson Denise Arbesu added, “Brooklyn’s history and its future are tied to our manufacturing and industrial sectors. The Brooklyn Made program recognizes the responsibility we have to protect our businesses from imposters.”

Only “legal businesses headquartered in Brooklyn making one or more physical products will be considered.” Applications are reviewed quarterly and there is a one-time $50 fee for non-Chamber-members. Members pay a $25 fee.

Michael’s of Brooklyn became the first business to apply for Brooklyn Made certification, submitting their application at the Chamber’s Brooklyn Eats trade show in Williamsburg on Friday, June 27.

More information can be found at www.iBrooklyn.com.

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