Etiquette Boss: Wardrobe etiquette for ladies

June 26, 2014 Phillipa Morrish
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No defined waistline….you might be a rectangular shaped woman.

The four basic shapes of a woman’s body are defined as apple, pear, hourglass and rectangle.In this segment, we address the best way to flatter a rectangular shaped woman.

A rectangular body shape is basically straight above and below the waist, with very little waist line definition. Plus-sized women are particularly concerned about the lack of waist definition, but thin women can share this same type of body shape.

Some thin celebrities with a rectangular body shape include Cameron Diaz, Nicole Kidman and Sheryl Crowe. Wear tops with interest from the chest upward and bottoms with interest from the hips downward, for example, ruffles, necklaces and accessories that bring the eye up and skirts with flare bottoms, embroidered hems, etc. The eye goes from top to bottom while creating an illusion of a waist because it skips focus.

Wear interesting shoes and necklaces. Do not place too much emphasis on clutch purses as that would draw the eye of the onlooker to the waist area.

Buy clothes that make the eye go ‘up and down’ instead of ‘side to side.’

Buy accessories that are scaled to your body size, no small necklaces or small anything that draws comparison between the accessory and your body size.

Wear heels to create a long-legged look if you are a short rectangular shaped woman. Wear knee length or shorter skirts and shorts. Avoid skirts that stop mid-calf if your calves are very thick, as the hemline draws attention to that area. The narrow knee area is a better focal point.


The honey mask is a folk remedy that tightens and refines facial skin.Try this recipe.In a bowl, combine three Vitamin E capsules, half a lemon, ½ teaspoon honey, two teaspoons yogurt and one teaspoon coconut oil.

Mix well and apply to face and neck area. Leave for 20 minutes and rinse well. Apply the following moisturizer. Combine one teaspoon tea tree oil with two tablespoons aloe vera gel. Leave on overnight. Reduce the tea tree oil if it is too strong for your skin.

Phillipa Morrish is the president of Etiquette Training International.

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