Teaching Kids to Be More Caring

June 19, 2014 Editorial Staff
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(StatePoint) In today’s hectic world, simple acts of care can often be overlooked. However, more parents are taking steps to help kids become more caring.

Although they say it’s important to set positive examples, a majority feel the demands of their children’s schedules pose challenges to demonstrating more care within the community, according to a US survey conducted by Johnson & Johnson.

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Encouragingly, the survey found that more than two-thirds of parents talk to children about the importance of demonstrating care, and actively engage in caring acts together.

The survey prompted Johnson & Johnson to encourage parents to teach children to be more caring through simple, everyday actions as part of its Care Inspires Care program, by offering some top “carenting” tips:

• Let Kids Pick: Find meaningful ways for kids to volunteer, sticking to something they already are interested in. For example, if they like animals, suggest helping at a shelter.

• Piggyback on Fun: Incorporate care into activities they already look forward to, like donating one birthday gift to charity or cleaning up a park on a play-date.

• Make it a Group Effort: Kids are more likely to get involved with friends. Ask fellow parents if their kids could join in.

More tips are available at www.CareInspiresCare.com.

Above all, set a good example by engaging in caring acts together!

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