New Technologies are Making Busy Parents’ Lives Easier

June 16, 2014 Editorial Staff
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(StatePoint) Being a parent in today’s technological age means having to keep your kids safe in so many new spaces. It also means being able to take advantage of new technologies to make your life a bit easier.

If you’re a modern mom or dad, here are several new tools and gadgets to consider.

Stroller 2.0

Whether it’s a cup of hot coffee or your cell phone, the luxury of having two hands for stroller-wielding can be elusive.

The 4moms origami stroller ( – the spaceship of baby strollers – actually folds and unfolds at the touch of a button and can even power your gadgets. It has generators in its rear wheels that charge while you walk, as well as a docking station to charge a smartphone, and LCD display screen with mileage counter and temperature gauge. Safety features include daytime running lights, pathway lights and child safety sensors.

Juggle-Proof Gear

When you’re juggling young cargo, the first thing to let slip from your hands will be your devices. Keep your smartphone, tablet and laptop protected from inevitable drops. Check out Tech21 (, a leader in impact protection. Their Impact Mesh case features a patented D3O polymer that locks on impact, and the Impact Shield with Anti-Glare offers screen protection with an anti-glare filter that is perfect for trips to the park.

Smart Home

When you’re out of the house, maintain peace-of mind with a smart home system that allows you to monitor and control virtually everything in your home from a computer, tablet or mobile device.

Iris from Lowe’s ( allows users to receive a personal text when kids arrive home or when a door is opened, view real-time video of what’s happening throughout the house, ensure stoves and electronic devices, such as TVs during homework time are turned off, cool down the house before coming home and more.

Protecting Memories

Protecting your digital content suddenly seems more important when you have a baby. Those photos and videos of those early months are irreplaceable. A G-Technology hard drive can help moms and dads store and protect photos, videos and other digital content. The company’s G-DRIVE mobile and slim portable drives are sleek and stylish, with up to 1TB capacity and 7200 rpm hard drives for super-fast transfers. Even professional photographers and videographers rely on G-Technology’s high-performance drives to protect data, so you know those precious baby shots will be safe and sound. Information is available at

Functional Gear

For new parents, ensuring your everyday items are as functional as possible is a key to easy parenting. Check out Kensington ( which offers fun and affordable tech gadgets. The newly released Portafolio Me for iPad Mini and Comercio Me for iPad Air are customizable cases that add a personal touch to your devices. You can even upload your favorite family photo to create your own sleek, lightweight and protective case.

Don’t let parenting logistics get the best of you. Be savvy and take advantage of new tools that offer assistance.


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