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Welcome to Squibb Bridge, Brooklyn Heights’ very own bouncy bridge!

June 10, 2014 Compiled by Katy Cardin Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Squibb Bridge, a suspension bridge connecting Brooklyn Bridge Park to all of Brooklyn Heights. Photo by Will Hasty
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The popular Squibb Bridge, a pedestrian suspension bridge that many call “the Bouncy Bridge”, opened March 21, 2013, as an connection between Brooklyn Heights, high on its famous bluff, and Brooklyn Bridge Park, which sits at sea level. Tuesday, a few hours before a Rosanne Cash concert in the park to benefit St. Ann’s Warehouse, we surveyed a few people who walk that bridge.

1. Marianne Mavie

Visiting from Irvine, California, Marianne Mavie says she first heard about the park online and just had to stop by to see it in person:

“I wanted to come across to see the fairly new park. I’m just looking today, I’ll probably get something to eat and go back to the city. [The neighborhood] is really quaint, I like it.”

2. Max Marcour, Thesi Brokamp

Max Marcour, Thesi Brokamp, Squibb Bridge, Brooklyn Heights.

Accidentally coming upon the bridge after missing a train stop, this pair from Munich, Germany took advantage of their tourism mishap and stopped to take a few photos from the bridge.

It’s pretty cool! Now we are on our way to the financial district.”

3. Brian Fouhy

Trying to relocate to Brooklyn after previously moving from Brooklyn to Pittsburgh, Brian Fouhy says the bridge was in the midst of its construction when he left.

“I’ve liked it so far, I don’t know if bouncy is part of the issue, but I like that it’s bouncy.”

4. Ellis Burrows

Ellis Burrows, Squibb Bridge, Brooklyn Heights. Photo by William Hasty.

Brooklyn Heights resident Ellis Burrows says although the bridge’s architecture is not necessarily her style, she has grown to use it quite often.

“I think it’s great. Initially I thought that the architecture was a little strange for an urban park– a little too rustic for my taste– but I love the function. We take it as means from the St. George to get to the park, which is what we’re doing right now.”

5. Josh Lapidus

Josh Lapidus, Squibb Bridge, Brooklyn Heights. Photo by William Hasty.

Josh Lapidus from Boerum Hill says he takes the bridge a few times a month for different reasons.

“I use it to get to the park when I’m up in Brooklyn Heights [and] I jog here… I think it was cool in the beginning, it was like,’wow it’s bouncy’ and now it’s a little bit annoying.”

6. Tory Logue

Tory Logue, Squibb Bridge, Brooklyn Heights. Photo by Will Hasty.

Living just five minutes from the bridge in Brooklyn Heights, Tory Logue says she visits the bridge every day to walk her dog.

“[The dog] loves it! Especially when it rocks. As long as it’s not too rocky, but it only really rocks bad if someone’s purposefully bouncing on it. It’s fantastic, I live five minutes up here so we can get right down. We go to the beach down here, it’s brilliant.”

7. Jennifer Ramos & Kate Ludwig

Jennifer Ramos and Kate Ludwig, Squibb Bridge, Brooklyn Heights. Photo by Will Hasty.

Jennifer Ramos and Kate Ludwig work at the Brooklyn Historical Society and take the bridge frequently on lunch breaks.

“We use it about four times a week. It’s fun and convenient. I love the bouncy part.”

8. Taffy Dahl

Taffy Dahl, who lives in Manhattan, participated in a drawing class in the park below the bridge before venturing across.

“It’s a great bridge, are you kidding! How much fun, pretend you’re in the jungle in a Tarzan movie!”

9. Nanchi Serrano & Marco Gabriele

Nanchi Serrano and Marco Gabriele, Squibb Bridge, Brooklyn Heights. Photo by Will Hasty.

Nanchi Serrano and Marco Gabriele push a stroller along the bridge during their first visit.

“It’s nice, it moves! We are on our way to the park right now. We definitely like it enough to come back. We hope he likes it!”

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