Victorian Flatbush Historic Homes: (Eye) Candy is dandy

Eye On Real Estate: Flatbush Installment Two

May 28, 2014 By Lore Croghan Brooklyn Daily Eagle
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Ah, these Victorian dreamboats. We can’t get enough of them.

Eye on Real Estate returns to Victorian Flatbush for a second week, as promised – an area full of historic homes a century old or more, whose sale prices are topping $2 million these days.

We’re dishing up photos from mini-neighborhoods that got short shrift in our first installment about Victorian Flatbush: West Midwood, Midwood Park, South Midwood and Fiske Terrace.

Another blue-hued beauty in South Midwood. Photo below


This Farragut Road home is a particular favorite of ours.

Nice block … in South Midwood.

Another South Midwood charmer.

Every block is a winner in West Midwood.

Another nifty West Midwood block.

It’s two-toned, and so pretty … in West Midwood.

Flowering forth in West Midwood.

One more look at West Midwood – it’s too pretty to pass up.

Well hello, Midwood Park.

If we die and are reincarnated with a great credit rating and a bundle of cash, we will offer the owner of this Fiske Terrace house a TON of money to buy it.

A stellar block in Fiske Terrace.

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