Oh, Orly: Week of May 21

May 22, 2014 Orly Amor
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I have a problem. My aunt is buying a new car and she is generously going to give me her old car — a 2008 Camry.

It’s a great car and I am really happy she is giving it to me. My problem is – I am afraid to drive. I have my license, but I am horrified that I will get into an accident.

How can I get back on the road with confidence?

Glenda D.

Dear Glenda,

Congratulation on getting a car! The way to overcome a fear is to face it. One of the ways you can start is to take the car for a short ride like around the block and have someone with you that is not a nervous driver.

Then take it around for two blocks and so on until you feel confident enough to go on the highway and maybe even venture on the highway for a few exits.

Think of driving as an adventure to get rid of your fear and have fun. Remember, driving gives us independence and that is something really to enjoy.

All for the best,


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