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Watch out! NYPD enforcing speeding citywide

May 20, 2014 From NYPD DCPI
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The New York City Police Department today announced a citywide speeding enforcement operation.


The initiative will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 20th and May 21st.  The initiative will begin at midnight, Tuesday, May 20th, 2014 and will conclude 48 hours later.


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Fines for speeding range anywhere from $90 and can be as high as $600.  Drivers may also be penalized from 3 to 11 penalty “points” on their respective Driver’s Licenses’ for speeding infractions.


The NYPD encourages safe driving and asks the public to obey the speed limit. The speed limit in New York City is 30 mph on local streets unless otherwise posted. There is no speed limit greater than 50 mph in New York City.


The NYPD also emphasizes that there are newly created arterial slow zones in the city where the speed limit decreases to 25 MPH and newly created School Zones where the speed limit decreases to 20 MPH.  Drivers should be mindful that speed cameras are in operation on many New York City Streets.

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