NYPD: Huge weapons arsenal recovered in Brooklyn

May 16, 2014 Associated Press
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New York City police have recovered an arsenal of weapons inside a Brooklyn apartment.

Police say hundreds of rounds of ammunition, handguns, revolvers, a rifle and eight swords were found at 175 Dahill Road in Bensonhurst on Thursday. Sergeant Jeremy Berson and officers Atara Ashford and Christopher Santiago made the arrests, according to the NYPD.

The New York Post says four people who lived in the apartment, 36-year-old Bashkim Sylmetaj, 42-year-old Michael Sylmetaj, 38-year-old Adam Sylmetaj and 32-year-old Zenaida Vaysberg, were arrested on charges of criminal possession of a loaded weapon and criminal possession of a controlled substance.

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Here’s the full list of the items recovered:

9 MM Highpoint Rifle-Defaced

380 Cal loaded Bryco semi-automatic handgun

357 Cal Taurus Revolver

38 Cal INA Brazilian Revolver

50 rounds of 45 cal ammunition

50 rounds of 9MM ammunition

67 rounds of 347 cal ammunition

50 rounds of 38 cal ammunition

17 rounds of 380 cal ammunition

A 45 cal magazine

8 swords

1 machete

8 Codeine tablets

Assorted knives and air pistols were also recovered.

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