Colton recognizes “Women of Distinction” in Bensonhurst and Gravesend

April 29, 2014 Heather Chin
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Women are a force to be reckoned with, whether they are working behind the scenes, are maneuvering on the sidelines, or are taking the lead front and center. However, too often they don’t get credit for their hard work. For 45 southwest Brooklyn women, that recognition came on Wednesday, April 23, courtesy of Assemblymember William Colton and his inaugural “Women of Distinction Awards.”

“Women play an extremely important role in all parts of our community, this country and the world and I thought, why not honor women who make our community here a better place to live,” explained Colton of his inspiration for the awards. “Nominations came from their peers. We have a school principal, the director of the Federation of Italian American Organizations in Brooklyn, tenant leaders, people at religious institutions and more. We really could nominate so many more women.”

One of the honorees, Jeanette Givant, district leader for the 47th Assembly District, gave her thanks for her certificate of recognition to the people she serves, some of whom nominated her. “You are the backbone,” she said. “Without you, nothing exists.”

For Ann Pollack, who usually spends her days organizing programs for military veterans on Veterans Day, it was like a bit of positive karma to be lauded for her contributions because her reason for helping veterans is “because I felt they weren’t being recognized.”

And for Tabia Faiz, volunteer coordinator with the Islamic Council of North America in Brooklyn, being thanked for her work left her feeling “very proud” and more determined to “work more for my community and neighborhood.”

“Many women don’t get awards,” noted Colton. “I’m very happy to do this and bring people together. By working together and recognizing each other’s values, we appreciate and support those values, making the neighborhood great.”

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