Adams aims to make Borough Hall green

LEED certification discussed for Brooklyn's oldest public building

April 14, 2014 From Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams
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On Sunday Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams promoted his plan to transform Brooklyn Borough Hall, the borough’s oldest public building, into an energy-efficient icon by working with the U.S. Green Building Council to receive Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. He expressed his belief that attaining this status will spur both public and private sector infrastructure across Brooklyn to follow suit.

“Borough Hall is going to lead the Brooklyn energy efficiency revolution by example, L-E-E-D to be precise,” said Borough Adams. “If this marble monument, over one hundred and fifty years old, can be on the cutting-edge of green standards, then every building from Brighton Beach to Bushwick can be as well. We will be able to educate homeowners and business owners alike on common-sense ways to build with the environment in mind, advancing our public health and long-term sustainability.”

Adams plans to discuss LEED certification of Brooklyn Borough Hall, amongst other issues, at the convening of his new Renewable and Sustainable Energy Task Force (ReSET) on Monday. The gathering will include representatives from government agencies and policy think tanks that will explore how to create an aggressive, ambitious and acheivable green energy agenda for Brooklyn.

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