Crime continues to decline in 68th Precinct

March 21, 2014 Helen Klein
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The 68th Precinct continues to outpace neighboring precincts and the city as a whole in crime reduction.

As of March 9, the precinct was down 23.03 percent, year to date, in the seven major crime categories tracked through CompStat, with 127 crimes committed compared with 165 as of that date in the prior year. The most significant decrease was in felonious assault, down 57.7 percent year to date, with 11 so far in 2014, compared to 26 at this point last year.

Also down were grand larcenies (down 22 percent, with 46 so far this year, compared to 59 at this point last year), burglaries (39 so far this year, compared to 47 at this point, last year, for a reduction of 17 percent), grand larceny auto (down 12.5 percent, with 14 year to date, compared to 16 at this time last year), and robberies (down 6.2 percent, with 15 so far this year, compared to 16 at this point in 2013). There have been no murders so far in 2014; there were no murders as of this point in 2013.

The one crime category that has shown an increase is rape, with two so far in 2014 compared to one at this time last year, for a 100 percent rise.

The drop in crime reflects “the hard work of the men and women of the 68th Precinct, the auxiliary officers, the civilians, the detective squad and, of course, the community,” stressed Deputy Inspector Richard DiBlasio, the precinct’s commanding officer. “The crime stats right now reflect a strong collaboration – a lot of hard work, a lot of good investigation, a lot of good follow-up.”

The 13 precincts that make up Patrol Borough Brooklyn South also have seen crime go down, so far this year, though less dramatically. Overall, in PBBS, crime is down 6.33 percent year to date, with decreases in murders (down 42.9 percent), burglaries (down 16.1 percent), grand larcenies (down 9.5 percent) and robberies (down 7.3 percent).

In PBBS, felonious assaults are up 11.5 percent year to date, rapes are up 6.5 percent and grand larceny auto is up 4.3 percent.

Crime has also been reduced citywide, though by a much smaller percentage. As of March 9, crime was down across New York City by 1.59 percent, with the biggest decrease coming in the number of murders (down 20.7 percent year to date) and the largest increase coming in grand larceny auto, up 11.6 percent year to date.

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