Bill de Blasio makes cameo on The Good Wife

March 17, 2014 Associated Press
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Is an Emmy Award next for Bill de Blasio?

The New York City mayor made a cameo as himself in Sunday night’s episode of “The Good Wife,” a political show set in Chicago.

One of the characters played by Nathan Lane is riding in a New York taxi. De Blasio appears in a commercial shown on the cab’s back-seat television.

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De Blasio appears in a loop, loudly extolling the city’s virtues.

This prompts Lane to ask his cab driver to turn off the video, saying “the mayor won’t stop talking.”

This is de Blasio’s first acting job since taking office. He has described himself as an “intense” fan of the show.

The show is loosely inspired by the life of another New York Democrat, former Gov. Eliot Spitzer.

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