Bath Beach

85 Bay 8th St. ‘should be condemned’

Eye On Real Estate: Brooklyn's Ugliest Buildings

March 12, 2014 By Lore Croghan Brooklyn Daily Eagle
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Back in the day, it was the nicest house on the block, the neighbors say. Boy, does that feel like a long time ago.

After sitting empty for what seems like forever, the graffiti-covered brick hulk on the corner of Benson Avenue in Bath Beach has boarded windows that fail to keep out pigeons, possums and a vagrant who was seen there recently.

Thieves have made off with the wrought-iron fence. The yard is a dumping ground for garbage. Hypodermic needles get tossed there, Peter Giotta, who lives nearby, told Eye on Real Estate.

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“It’s disgusting. It’s a disaster,” he said.

“It’s been like 20 years already. Everybody got tired. We’ve been complaining. It seems nothing gets done.”

The property was granted to Mary and Matilda Raccuia in 1952 by Vincent Raccuia, according to a deed from that year placed in online city records in 2008 “to correct the chain of title and index to reflect the correct and present owner,” a note filed with the deed says.

“Ugly?” said Adele Gigante, another neighbor. “It should be condemned, because it’s a health hazard.”

Do you think this building is one of Brooklyn’s Ugliest? What’s your (un)favorite Ugly B’klyn Building? Comment below.

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