Actor Liam Neeson chides de Blasio for horse stable no-show

Carriage horses could become a thing of the past in NYC

March 10, 2014 Associated Press
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 Actor Liam Neeson says he’s disappointed New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio didn’t show up at a horse stable over the weekend to see for himself that the animals are well cared for.

The “Non-Stop” actor says de Blasio “should have manned up and come.”

The mayor has declared his intention to shut down the industry, saying it’s inhumane to keep horses in modern-day Manhattan. The Democrat wants to replace them with electric cars.

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Neeson on Sunday invited members of the City Council to the stables that house Central Park’s carriage horses. He says the carriage horses are “a connection with our past.”

De Blasio said Sunday he did plan to visit the stables when his schedule allows.

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