Etiquette Boss: Valentine’s Day etiquette

February 12, 2014 Phillipa Morrish
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The day on which we celebrate love and romance is fast approaching, and while many are anticipating engagement rings and candlelight dinners, for many others, it is “single awareness day.”

Etiquette is basically gracious and considerate behavior; so in the midst of celebrating, please be sensitive when communicating all about your planned Valentine’s weekend in Paris.

For the romantically unattached, have a blast with friends at a good restaurant.

Worthy of mention also is the “what do I give this year” quandary. That depends on age and status. For example, young people who are dating have different issues. If the young lady has been pausing to look into the window of every jewelry store they pass, she might be giving a hint that she is ready for that engagement ring.

Jewelry is usually a “guaranteed Valentine’s Day pleaser” except in this situation. Any wrapped jewelry box will be opened with heightened expectation. Anything other than the anticipated engagement ring will be a ‘let down,’ so think of long stemmed roses, designer handbags, etc.

For other couples, please reconsider giving teddy bears (unless the lady is a collector) to anyone over 14. Ditto for pharmacy chocolates with the helium balloons attached. It might indicate a lack of forethought.

To the married couples, a sure winner is breakfast in bed, perhaps an engraved bud vase with one long stemmed rose, plus a spa certificate or one to her favorite store. Ladies cannot go wrong making their own “gift certificates” and presenting them for the gentleman to “cash in” upon request.

A hand-written note from either partner about what the year has meant having that person by your side will be cherished. No household items, no gym membership or equipment (no matter how much she has been promising to buy them.)

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all.

BEAUTY ETIQUETTE TIP: Have that extra glow when going out for Valentine’s Day by applying a luminizer or liquid highlighter under your foundation. After a hard day at work, look fresh and wide awake with purple or olive green eyeliner instead of black.

Phillipa Morrish is the president of Etiquette Training International.

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