Brooklyn Today for February 11

February 10, 2014 Brooklyn Daily Eagle
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Good morning. Today is the 42nd day of the year. The Brooklyn Daily Eagle of Feb. 11, 1902, featured an article about something that wouldn’t be considered newsworthy today: a test-taker for a civil service job being ejected from an exam because he was found consulting some notes, or “memorandums.”

Nathaniel S. Leipziger, a former advertising man for several of Brooklyn’s Downtown department stores, was described as being “very well-connected.” The exam was being given at the New York Life building for the new position of advertising expert for the city. Leipziger, who also worked for the City Record, later protested that all he was doing was checking on the spelling of names.

Well-known people who were born today include singer-actress Brandy (“Cinderella,” ‘Moesha”), singer-musician Sheryl Crow, actress Tina Louise (‘Gilligan’s Island,” “The Stepford Wives”), former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and actor Burt Reynolds (“Hooper,” ‘Deliverance,” ‘Cannonball Run”).

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