Pro Bono Barrister: Brooklyn Dean Nick Allard sees 2014 better for lawyers

February 3, 2014 By Charles F. Otey, Esq. Brooklyn Daily Eagle
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Brooklyn Law School Dean Nick Allard has been a busy guy since he arrived here a few years back. Among many other things, he has helped to create programs that could help the school’s graduates be better prepared to go out there and successfully compete in a shrinking job market that is pretty loaded with lawyers.

And now the dean is looking ahead and has some very positive and welcome predictions for the profession this year. With a word of thanks to Eagle Legal Editor Charisma Miller (who often inspires comments appearing in Pro Bono Barrister) the dean’s foresight bears our attention:

First, foresees Dean Allard, “Ten years from now, people will look back at 2014 and say it marked the start of the new world of law: a renaissance where the respect and reputations of lawyers and law schools began to rise by measurable benchmarks.”

He cites the upcoming 2015 ABA National Convention, which will mark the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta as an observance that will highlight the good side of the legal profession.

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What does Dean Allard think the future holds for the brand new “two-year” law school? “In 2013, there were nine law schools with two-year options, (including, of course,Brooklyn Law School.) In 2014, at least 10 more will adopt some form of accelerated JD option, and in five years, more than 50 law schools will offer them,” he believes.

It’s worth noting that the two-year option initially drew some complaints from BLS grads who had  struggled  through the three-year program and argued – incorrectly, we now believe – that the benefits of getting out a year earlier were outweighed by the perception that law school would be much easier and less demanding going forward.

He’s optimistic that the 2015 American Bar Association recognizing the 800-year-old history of the profession will highlight the good that lawyers do. We’re hoping he’s right.

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