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A view from the frigid Brooklyn Bridge

January 27, 2014 By Lore Croghan Brooklyn Daily Eagle
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Mightier than the cold … is the lure of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Tourists and locals went out walking on the famous span Sunday despite icy temps, drawn by its iconic charm and the scenic panorama it offers of Manhattan and Brooklyn skylines.

Not even a snow squall could keep them away.

Bundled in layers of down and swathed up to their eyeballs in scarves, they stopped to admire the spire of 1 World Trade Center rising from Ground Zero in Lower Manhattan and posed for pictures with waterfront Brooklyn’s Watchtower buildings as a backdrop.

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It was only 19 degrees – the Witnesses’ time and temperature sign said so. But everyone smiled warmly for the cameras.

The only problem caused by the cruel cold – which is expected to return to Brooklyn this week after a brief Monday respite – was experienced by photographers with iPhones.

After a while, phone batteries shut down in protest, and their owners had no choice but to head indoors and recharge them.

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