Boys and Girls High basketball team attacked after game at Grady High School

January 24, 2014 By Rob Abruzzese Brooklyn Daily Eagle
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As Boys and Girls coach Ruth Lovelace was walking out of Grady High School with her team just behind her Thursday night, she saw two cars idling just outside the building. She didn’t think much of it at first, but two seconds later all hell broke loose.

“They ran out of their cars and jumped us,” Lovelace said. “I immediately tried to push my kids back inside the building, but they came running at us through the gate and it quickly turned into chaos. They were waiting for us. This was a setup.”

There were no weapons involved and nobody was seriously injured. Cops were quickly called to the scene and witnesses claimed that they recognized Grady’s Taj Mixson among the attackers. There were no arrests at the scene and police called for three vans that drove Lovelace and her players back to Boys High in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

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“There were 15 kids that came out at the same time and they were waiting for us,” said a parent of one of the Boys High players that wished to remain anonymous. “That was a gang assault.”

The entire incident was especially surprising because there has been no history between the players on Boys High and Grady and the game beforehand, which Boys High won 72-61, was not especially physical. Everyone was in a good mood as the left the building following the win.

“We played them at our school earlier in the year and afterward one of their players (Jamal Dunn) said to me, ‘I thought you were going to come at us after the game,'” one Boys High player said. “I was really confused by that because I had no idea why he would say that. After that I never thought about it again because they’re not a team we’ve ever had a problem with.”

Grady’s head coach Joe Marinello was just as confused as anybody as he insisted that none of his kids seemed ready to fight after the game. After the Falcons lost, he discussed their mistakes with the them before the entire team quietly left campus. After he discussed what happened with a few witnesses, it seemed like he had a good idea of who might be involved though.

“This wasn’t right,” Marinello said. “If I had any idea that they were planning this obviously I would have done something to stop it. We’ll address it. There will be discipline handed out.”

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