A Look Back: February 24, 1933

January 24, 2014 Editorial Staff
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This week, we decided to delve into our own history, with the front page of the very first issue of The Spectator, dated February 24, 1933. With the tagline, “We Think You Ought to Know,” the paper covered a wide range of stories, several of which have resonance today and others which seem rather dated.

In the former category is a story headlined, “Bus Route to 69th St. is Sought.” With Ridgeites currently advocating for the complete restoration of the Third Avenue bus route, that story definitely hits home.

Also sadly hitting home – in a week in which Avonte Oquendo’s remains were identified — is a story headlined “Find No Trace of Missing Girl.”

On the other hand, today’s Brooklynites would likely not find much to identify with in a story headlined, “Selling Chicks, Lands in Coop,” about a salesman arrested for pushy sales techniques (yes, he was peddling poultry) or another entitled “Men’s Club Watches Ladies Play Cards,” in which it was noted that “about 60 members of the Men’s Club saw to it that none of the weaker sex trumped their partner’s ace.”

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