Gowanus Whole Foods: What we saw

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January 22, 2014 By Lore Croghan Brooklyn Daily Eagle
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The food is almost too pretty to eat.

Here’s some eye candy (in the form of photos) from our Saturday visit to the Gowanus Whole Foods.

The folks at Brokelyn.com already comparison-shopped essentials there and at nearby Union Markets – and found what cost $84 at the former was $115 at the latter. In our more random gawking, we noticed:

* Fruits we’ve never heard of, like stem and leaf satsuma (which are a type of Mandarin orange).

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* Big-eyed grouper with vampire-ish fangs, resting on beds of ice.

* Tiny jars of caviar priced at $1,199.84 per pound a few aisles from house-brand black beans for $1.49 per can.

* Vinyl records – from the Beatles’ “Abbey Road” to Adele’s “21” – for sale in the center of the store.

* A beer counter staffed with an expert, the way lesser supermarkets have a deli counter for cold cuts.

* Yummy lunch upstairs at The Roof, a beer-centric restaurant with open-air seating for warmer weather. The fries smothered with melted New York Tilsit cheese and crumbled chorizo are instantly addictive. If you’re prone to food fixations, you’ve been warned.

* You can’t take your booze downstairs – a sign warns – so people can’t complain afterwards that they were wearing beer goggles while shopping, even if they did buy $31.99 bottles of olive oil.

* Equally yummy lunch on the main floor served up by Yuji Ramen – the noodles with bacon and egg are stellar. 

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