Parkville major and minor division football action leads to excitement on the gridiron

January 8, 2014 Robert Cavaliere
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The PYO Browns number 21, Anthony “Mad Dog” D’Egidio broke the ice in the PYO Browns / Cardinal contest with a 20-yard charge to pay dirt.

The number #21 of the Cardinals, Brandon Diaz, retaliated with a 10 yard TD run to tie the score 6-all. The Cards ended the first quarter when David Nisbet scored the extra point, giving the Cards a 7-6 advantage.

Dylan Bove took back the lead by muscling his way four yards through the Cardinal defense to score again for the Browns.

On a kickoff return, Brandon Rivera charged 30 yards and would have scored but John “Bull Dog” Von Weken got in his way and prevented the touchdown. (Don’t mess with the “Bull Dog.”) The Cards’ drive ended when Steven Navarro of the Browns recovered a Cardinal fumble.

Christopher “Postman” Neary blocked a Brown punt on the one yard line, setting up David Nisbet for a one-yard dash for a TD. Johnny “Daylight” Nisbet immediately added the extra point, making it 14-12, Cards. The Cardinals scored again when “Daylight” Nisbet ran four yards to end the half, 20-12.

The Cards scored again on the first play of the second half when “Day Light” Nisbet entered golden soil, giving the Cards a nifty 26-12 lead. “Mad Dog” D’Egidio fought back hard for the Browns and scored, but time was running out. David Nisbet put the final nail in the Cardinal coffin with a 20-yard pass to Rivera.

The Cardinals stood tall at 33 to 18 with awesome performances by Christopher “Postman” Neary, Jonny Santiago, Rivera and Ricardo Lee. The Browns’ top players in this battle were Savastian Ortiz, Steven Navarro (fumble recovery) and Von Weken.

The first half of the rumble between the Jets and the Broncos ended with a two-point spread, 16-14, Jets. It was the result of both teams aggressively seeking victory and nothing being held back.

Philip “Dash” Iacono broke the ice first with a slick spiral to his favorite receiver Jason “Wolf Man” Perlstein. The “Wolf Man” kicked for two points, making the start of the Bronco tally, eight-zip.

Julio Felix was all pumped up and was in the right place to spoil a Jet comeback by intercepting a pass and running it back to the Jet 17 yard line. But the Jets’ defense dug in and refused to yield another inch. When the Jets took possession of the ball, they fought their way to the 14 yard line. Then Jasiah Raso tiptoed in the end zone for their first score. Raso’s kick for the extra point tied the score.

That tied score didn’t sit well with “Dash” Iacono, so he hit Eric “The Natural” Torres with a bullet pass for a 33 TD. That broke the tie and the “Wolf Man” kicked for two points.

The Jets weren’t finished either and responded with a 25-yard run by Raso to the six yard line that was taken over for a touchdown. But the Jets failed to tie with their two-point kick that was blocked by the Bronco line.

The Jets opened the second half with an awesome pass interception that brought all the fans to their feet. Kellan Cohill snapped the Bronco pass and bullied his way to the Bronco 15. The Jets ultimately scored, taking the advantage, 20-16.

That was all she wrote for the Jets. The Broncos went on to score three more times, a Felix 13-yard run, a “Dash” six-yard run and a “Wolfman” extra point kick. The final tally was 30-20 after “Dash” Iacono picked off a Bronco pass attempt to seal the victory.

Outstanding Bronco players that rocked this ballgame were Luigi “Iceman” Davi, Lorenzo “TNT” Pisano and Torres. The pride of the Jets squad was in great form with Matthew “Sure Thing” Sciarrone, Anthony “A-Train” Barreira, Trystin “Grim Reaper” Tusa and Andry Sanchez.

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