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Former Brooklyn prison guard to be sentenced in federal court

January 8, 2014 By Charisma L. Miller, Esq. Brooklyn Daily Eagle
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The government has submitted its sentencing report on the Brooklyn federal prison guard accused of having sexual intercourse with an inmate resulting in the birth of a child. Believing that the guard breached the public trust and the safety of the staff and inmates at the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC), the government is requesting 10- to 16-months imprisonment.

Nancy Gonzalez began engaging in a sexual relationship with convicted cop killer Ronell Wilson between March 24 and Aug. 3, 2012. Gonzalez worked weekend shifts at MDC, and inmates noticed Wilson and Gonzalez flirting. According to court papers filed by the government, Wilson and Gonzalez would enter into vacant rooms for sexual activity.

Evidence revealed that during some of these trysts Gonzalez would—irresponsibly—have her keys to inmate cells on her person. “[I[f Wilson had overpowered the defendant in the activities room, he could have accessed the keys to the unit, and could have compromised or harmed anyone on the unit,” the government asserted in its explanation as to why Gonzalez’s actions posed a threat to the safety of other officers and inmates at MDC.

“There could [have been] gang issues . . . [t]here can be some money issues. It’s just a bad mix if you have—if an inmate has the key to that front door,” Bureau of Prisons Lieutenant Steven Rivera testified.  Since Gonzalez is a “petite woman,” the government contended that it would not be far fetched to presume that she could easily be compromised.

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Inmates began complaining of the special treatment that Wilson was receiving, a few also questioning their safety with a guard that clearly favored one inmate over others. “I had to be very careful and defend myself because I didn’t have the proper security where I was at,” an MDC inmate testified.

It was not until after Gonzalez became impregnated by Wilson that the government began seriously looking into the allegations of a sexual relationship and preferential treatment between the two. Gonzalez did not appear distraught or concerned about her pregnancy, revealing in taped conversations that the pregnancy was planned. In fact, Gonzalez is recording stating that the baby would help Wilson, who was facing the death penalty for murdering police officers.

“[The baby will] benefit [Wilson] because it’s going to show he’s not a monster. It’s not going to get him out of jail, but if I have a say so, it’s going to get him out of death row,” Gonzalez said.

In considering her sentence, the government noted that Gonzalez had a “tragic childhood” and imprudently implied that this childhood history  “could explain [Gonzalez]’s promiscuity and her inability to engage in a healthy relationship.”

Brooklyn Federal Judge Brian Cogan is scheduled to hand down Gonzalez’s sentence on Jan. 13.

Gonzalez is represented by Manhattan attorney Anthony Ricco.  

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