PYO Football: Broncos vs Falcons

December 23, 2013 Robert Cavaliere
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The final score of 19 to 6 Broncos in the team’s confrontation with the Falcons may be considered lopsided but the gridiron action kept everyone on the edge of their seats.

Eric “The Natural” Torres blocked a Falcon punt which set up Philip “Dash” Iacono for a 15-yard TD pass to Jason “Wolf Man” Perlstein. The 6-zip Bronco didn’t last long when the Falcons recovered a Bronco fumble and Tylor Martinez carried three yards to pay dirt making it six all.

The Broncos scored two more times before the end of the first half, bringing the tally to 19-6.”Dash” Iacono scrambled three yards for six points and then passed to the “Wolfman” for the point after. He also threw for 22 yards to Perlstein to complete the half with a healthy lead.

There was no score in the second half but plenty of action by both squads. It seemed that both teams had a tough time holding on to the ball.

Charles Corbin of the Falcons recovered a Bronco fumble on the Bronco 14 and Jason “Torpedo” Hochfeld intercepted a Bronco Spiral on the 15. A strong determined Falcon drive was stopped by the Bronco Dylan “Dead End” Salas by recovering their fumble on the 10 yard line.

Charles Corbin recovered another Bronco fumble with 1:23 ticking on the clock but an attempted Falcon “Hail Mary” pass was intercepted by “Wolf Man” Perlstein. That brought the game to the 19- 6 Bronco victory.

It seems everyone on both teams was in top shape and was ready to step up to the plate. Corbin (fumble recovery), Daniel “Bone Crusher” Dasaro, Patryk “Freight Train” Szustka, Peter “Meat Grinder” Barone and Hochfeld (interception) gave stellar performances and proved to be enormous assets to the Falcons.

Dylan “Dead End” Salas (fumble recovery), Ruben Perez, John Anthony “Bear” Criscione (interception), Lorenzo “TNT” Pisano, Jadin Goodman, Eric Moore and Sal Yorman were exceptional and produced the muscle behind the Broncos’ success.

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