Busy Moms Look for New Ways to Treat Themselves this Holiday Season

December 12, 2013 Editorial Staff
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(StatePoint) For most moms, the holiday season is all about doling out sweets and treats. It can also be a time for moms to treat themselves. All that rushing around to the mall and supermarket can take its toll on both mom and her wallet.

Moms should look beyond the holiday circulars for savings, and in their own purses. The type of credit card you use on everyday expenses year-round can mean extra cash back in your wallet. Cash back credit cards with no rotating categories, no sign-ups and no limits to the cash they can earn, such as Capital One’s QuicksilverAnd it’s not just holiday purchases that can earn moms extra cash. For instance, the average annual spend per person includes $1,668 on gas, $3,372 on groceries and $504 on cleaning supplies, according to recent statistics from the Statistic Brain Research Institute.

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All that spending can get mom some green back to reward herself this holiday season, as well as year-round.

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