Lincoln pulls out last second win over Tottenville for PSAL title

December 11, 2013 Jim Dolan
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Lincoln 28 Tottenville 27

Down by a touchdown midway in the fourth quarter at Yankee Stadium in the PSAL title game, Lincoln’s Javon Moore connected with Malik Andrews on a 61-yard pass play for a touchdown at the 1:24 minute mark to put the Railsplitters just one point behind Tottenville, 27-26.

Coach Shawn O’Connor then gambled to go for the two point conversion for the lead instead of the extra point for the tie, and was stopped by the Pirates when Lincoln’s top running back Antoine Hollerman Jr. was forced out of bounds.

With Lincoln down by 27-26 in the final quarter, the Railsplitters’ defense forced Tottenville into a punting situation on a fourth and ten at the Pirates’ own 22-yard line.

Down by a point from the previously failed two point conversion, the Railsplitters fell into good fortune when the Tottenville center sent the snap over the punter’s head into the end zone. With the ball skipping around in the wet end zone, Tottenville punter Sal Henrique kicked the ball through the end zone to give up a two point safety instead of risking a defensive touchdown.

Working with under a minute left and no timeouts, the Pirates drove down to Lincoln’s 18-yard line to gain a first down that stopped the clock with just one second left in the game.

With just one tick left on the clock, the Pirates hustled their field goal unit onto the field, but as soon as the referee put the ball into play, time expired for the Pirate comeback, giving Lincoln its second PSAL championship within the last three years.

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