Kings Inn panel proves ‘It’s a Wonderful Profession’

Chuck Otey's Pro Bono Barrister

December 9, 2013 By Charles F. Otey, Esq. Brooklyn Daily Eagle
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Led by chairs Justice Miriam Cyrulnik and barrister Joe Rosato, a stellar Kings County American Inns of Court cast presented an inspiring set of dramas calculated to show the good points of the legal profession.

Essentially, the panel also featured Domenick Napoletano (the “Angel” from the Frank Capra classic “It’s A Wonderful Life”), court attorney Kerry Ward (quite authentic as the robed judge), Evan Goldberg, Ned Kassman, Melissa Bonaldes, Court Attorney Bonnie Kurtz and Judge Pamela Fisher, who was quite fetching as a lawyer/litigant.

The performances were constructed to show each side in a hotly contested case and the problems that each faced. Not only were the cases challenging, but each lawyer had to deal with what is often our thorniest problem – the uncooperative, know-it-all client.

One Inn barrister added from the floor that “Each and every day, the legal profession – especially our judges – is attacked by well-financed organizations which are out to eliminate our citizens; vital right to their ‘day in court,’”

“It’s amazing,” he added, that “our judiciary holds up so well when they live with the constant knowledge that any controversial ruling they issue can be distorted by regressive forces which feed ‘the press’ with a steady stream of half truths and innuendos.”

Meanwhile, this Inn is led by president Justice Ellen Spodek, president-elect Dave Chidekel, counselor Justice Arthur Schack, treasurer Acting Supreme Court Justice Miriam Cyrulnik and secretary Jon Besunder.

Jeff Feldman is inn director, and Lucy DiSalvo is the administrator. They remind all that the Inn’s Annual Holiday Gala is set for Dec. 11 at the Moreso Restaurant in Manhattan. Members, who may attend at no cost, should contact [email protected].

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