Cardinals crush Browns, 21-13

December 6, 2013 Robert Cavaliere
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David Nisbet of the PYO Minor Division Cardinals opened the game between the Cardinals and the Browns with a bang by intercepting a PYO Brown’s pass on the 20 yard line.

This set him up for a 10-yard run, drawing first blood for the Cards. Brandon Rivera scored the extra point on a razzle-dazzle double reverse play. Johnny Nisbet handed off to Benjamin Watson. Then Watson handed off to Rivera who went in for the score, 7 – Zip.

Anthony “Mad Dog” D’Egidio came back for the PYO Browns and bullied his way eight yards to score the team’s first TD, 7 – 6. But the Cards were not finished. Johnny Nisbet hit David Nisbet with a 20-yard spiral, placing the Cards on the five yard line. This set Rivera up to score a TD and the extra point.

It was 14 to 6, Cards when Brandon Diaz charged 28 yards down field to make the tally 20 to 6. Before the first half ended, the Cards hit the boards again with a pass from Johnny Nisbet to David Nisbet.

Dylan Bove of the Browns ran 23 yards to set Steven Navarro for a one-yard touchdown sprint. “Mad Dog” D’Egidio went in for the extra point, setting the score at 21 to 13.

That would be the last scoring for the Browns as the Cards ran away with the rest of the game. There were two more touchdowns by David Nisbet for 47 yards and an extra point by Watson.

The contest ended 35 to 13, Cardinals but many players rose to the occasion to make this an awesome game to watch. Jordan “No Way” O’Connor, Gabriel “Iron Fist” Avella, Christopher “Postman” Neary, Jonny Santiago and Rivera were the force behind the Cardinal victory. Steven Navarro, John “Bull Dog” Von Weken, Peter Vasquez and Matthew Velez were the pride of the PYO Browns.

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