New York RX Card has saved New Yorkers millions

December 5, 2013 Editorial Staff
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With the uncertainties in healthcare, the increasing costs and the numerous programs that promise to help consumers save on their health care expenses, the New York Rx Card is the only free statewide prescription assistance program that is endorsed by numerous chambers of commerce, the Business and Labor Coalition of New York, many health insurance providers, as well as numerous hospitals and clinics.

Since the program was launched in June, 2011, New Yorkers have saved more than $56 million on their prescriptions. Savings can be as high as 75 percent on generics, and 50 percent on name brands, with average savings of 31 percent.

“The public response to this program has been overwhelming,” states New York Rx Card Program Director, Francesco Ciccone. “With savings totaling more than $56 million, in less than two and a half years, this program is a true testament that the residents of New York need help with lowering their prescription costs.”

Every New Yorker is eligible to participate in the program, regardless of age or income, current health condition or residential status. There are no restrictions to membership, no applications to fill out, and not one question. The card is accepted at more than 58,000 regional and national pharmacies.

Anyone can download a free card, search drug pricing and locate participating pharmacies by visiting you do not have internet access, visit any CVS or Duane Reade pharmacy in New York to be enrolled in the program at zero cost, by simply mentioning the New York Rx Card when purchasing your prescription(s).

The program is designed to help those without insurance and the underinsured, as well as being compatible with all insurances. It will not lower co-pays; however, it can be used to purchase prescriptions not covered by your insurance.

It can be used by all insured people during the deductible periods in H.S.As and high deductible plans, and even if you exceed your annual prescription limits with your insurance.

Many senior citizens with Part D Plans can use the card for medications not covered on their Part D Plan, and for medications that are not discounted when in the donut hole.

For those that do not take prescriptions, the program also provides discounts on eyeglasses, hearing devices, diabetic supplies, dental services and more. These additional benefits are listed on the card and are easily accessible, by toll free numbers or the internet.

This free prescription card is available online to everyone, by simply visiting and printing a card. Residents without internet access can visit any CVS or Duane Reade pharmacy location and ask the pharmacist to process their prescription through the New York Rx Card.

Cards can also be mailed, by calling the toll free automated number – 1-800-931-2297; leave your name and number, and a representative will return your call.

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