Keeping safe for the holidays

December 2, 2013 Helen Klein
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With the holiday shopping season well underway, local cops are reminding residents to be careful of both their belongings and their new purchases.</p

At the November meeting of the 68th Precinct Community Council, Deputy Inspector Richard DiBlasio urged his listeners, “Please be careful.”</p

In particular, DiBlasio warned that motorists shouldn’t “leave anything visible in the car. With the holiday season, you’re going from store to store, leaving packages in the car. Thieves see that and before you know it, they’re gone. It’s an easy opportunity, especially in the darkness.”</p

DiBlasio also reminded residents not to leave doors and windows unlocked, and not to leave their cars running with the key in the ignition. “You go into the store to get a coffee, come out and the car is gone,” he said. “It happens that fast. It’s like leaving your house unlocked and going away on vacation.</p

“Don’t help the bad guys,” DiBlasio stressed.</p

Other advice from the 68th Precinct includes:</p

•Lock your doors when you leave home – even if you are just going next door — and as soon as you return;</p

•Get your keys out before you get to your front door;</p

•Don’t buzz people into your apartment building unless you know who you are letting in;</p

•Away from home, choose well-lit, busy streets to travel along, and go with a friend, if possible. You should also park in well-lit areas;</p

•On the subway, wait within view of the token clerk until your train comes, and avoid the platform’s edge;</p

•Take only the money and credit cards you need with you when you go out;</p

•Divide your money up and put some in a variety of places;</p

•Do not leave packages or pocketbooks unattended in public places; and,</p

•Don’t struggle if someone tries to take your possessions, but do try to remember details about the perpetrator that can aid police in tracking him or her down.</p

So far, this year, crime was down a little less than three percent as of November 24, “because of the hard work of the men and women of the 68th Precinct and the relationship we have with the community,” said DiBlasio, who emphasized, “Your calling us helps us out tremendously. If you see something, say something.”</p

Across the city, crime had decreased .28 percent, year to date, over the same time period.</p

Also helping the precinct out this year are 10 new police officers who were recently assigned to the command.</p

“We needed help, especially with the holidays approaching,” said DiBlasio.

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