Kings Inn to Lawyers: ‘It’s a Wonderful Profession!’

Pro Bono Barrister

November 25, 2013 By Charles F. Otey, Esq. Brooklyn Daily Eagle
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With doom and gloom descending on various segments of the American legal profession, the Nathan R. Sobel Kings County American Inn of Court is taking a positive path and will offer a hopeful program on Nov. 26 titled “It’s A Wonderful Profession.”

Granted, law jobs have dwindled and law schools are coping with financial crises

Each day, it seems more and more legal work is being outsourced to India and other distant spots where some legal documents can be produced for a fraction of their cost in the U.S.A.

The talented panel in charge of painting a rosy future is led by Justice Miriam Cyrulnik and Joseph Rosato. A well-placed source suggests the leaders have some very creative concepts to deploy that night.

Since Pro Bono Barrister  is here to tell about the “good that lawyers do,” we’ll be especially interested and will be on hand when the curtain raises on this presentation which, in some ways, is an homage to the Jimmy Stewart film, “It’s A Wonderful Life.”

How will they do it? When a bell rings, or the gavel falls, will some deserving barrister get her wings? Given their early star turn performances — Justice Cyrulnik as “5-Year-Old Baby Jane” and attorney Rosato as the “Big Bad Wolf” — we expect some fine drama that night.

The program is preceded by a 5:30 p.m. buffet and will get underway promptly at 6 p.m. at Brooklyn Bar Association headquarters, 123 Remsen St.

Meanwhile, this Inn is led by President Justice Ellen Spodek, President-elect Dave Chidekel, Counselor Justice Arthur Schack, Treasurer Acting Supreme Court Justice Miriam Cyrulnik and Secretary Jon Besunder.

Jeff Feldman is inn director and Lucy DiSalvo is the administrator.

Reflecting English Inns of Court tradition, the Kings chapter has been governed by a Board of Masters that includes Hon. Gloria Aronin, Jon Besunder, Appellate Division Justice Cheryl Chambers, Larry DiGiovanna, Steve Finkelstein, Steven Goolnick, Appellate Division Justice Sylvia Hinds-Radix, Justice Barry Kamins, Federal Judge William Kuntz, Justice Carl Landicino, Victoria Lombardi, Mark Longo, Judge Joanne Quinones and Paul Weitz.

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