St Ephrem golf outing scores hole in one

November 21, 2013 Editorial Staff
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The 17th Annual St. Ephrem Golf Outing was held at Dyker Beach Golf Course to honor the memory of Monsignor Douglas Brown and to benefit the St. Ephrem School.

The event was created 17 years ago in memory of Brown, who was a pastor at St. Ephrem, and was a well-respected member of the community.

For the first year in its 17-year history attendees elected their first member to the outing’s “Hall of Fame.” That honor went to Ed Flanagan who is believed to have attended every outing. Flanagan was presented with a statue as the first inductee.

The annual outing was very eventful, with a strong showing of people from the community, music, raffles and food provided by Rocco’s Calamari.

The event’s organizer, Joseph Cavalcante, was pleased with the outing this year saying, “Golfers who are members of fancy golf clubs in the tri-state area enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the Brooklyn-based St. Ephrem outing where you don’t have to put on a sport jacket for dinner and get to enjoy a nice sausage and pepper dish.”

The motto for the outing has been, “it’s not about the golf, it’s about the good time,” but, said Cavalcante, “There are also some very good golfers as well. We look forward to many more outings for years to come.”

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