Muffin’s Pet Connection: Say hello to Louise, Tramp and Zeus

October 23, 2013 Editorial Staff
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WOOF WOOF: Louise, 46 pounds, five-year-old, female Labrador/Wire Haired Terrier mix was found as a stray, brought to ACC, and rescued from the kill list.

Louise is friendly, energetic and sweet. She’s a little hand-shy but will come out of her shell when you give her love….

Tramp, 62 pounds, two-year-old male Standard Poodle mix, rescued from the ACC euthanasia list, was found as a stray on the corner of Watson and Rosedale Avenues in the Bronx. He is sweet and playful, and really strong. Tramp is getting ear medication right now, so he does not like his ears touched…

Zeus, male, six years old, 78 pounds, Labrador/Pit mix. This big sweetheart was found as a stray in Bay Ridge. He’s really friendly to humans, but needs work being around other dogs. Zeus lives up to his name in strength.

These wonderful dogs are at the BROOKLYN ANIMAL RESOURCE COALITION- BARC a non-kill shelter. Please spread the word. BARC has many pets that need a new home and a new friend. To visit them, please call 718-486-7489.


ASPCA ALERTS…the government shutdown’s impact on animals in laboratories… The USDA enforced the ANIMAL WELFARE ACT, AWA to make sure laboratory animals are looked after. Although workers on the job are checking the animals, there is no USDA overseer making sure that bare minimum care is being given.

Hunting and Trapping: All National Wildlife Refuges were closed to the public, with hunting and trapping on these lands prohibited for the duration of the shutdown. Federal law enforcement activities continued on public lands to preserve resources and protect against illegal hunting.


PETFINDER: STRINGS CAN KILL. If cats or dogs ingest ribbons, cords, strings, rubber bands, threads, yarn, etc., it can cause serious internal problems, such as blockage of the intestinal tract. If this ever happens, call your veterinarian immediately.

If you notice that the pet is passing this object, DO NOT TRY TO PULL IT OUT.  If it has a needle attached, it could bring about further problems. Kittens, puppies and dogs are like little vacuums; everything goes into their mouths, down the throats, and hopefully, passing out their rectums.  But sometimes the object gets derailed and lands in the intestine or in the stomach.  This is dangerous! Watch strings and things on the floor.

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